Inu Xtra Fibers
[Pak 150 gr.]

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This very high quality Inu Xtra Fibers are extracted from chicory roots in a natural way. They have a very high fiber percentage of no less than ± 95%. Inu Xtra Fibers belong therefore to the "better" dietary fiber.
In addition, Inu Xtra Fibers are largely "desugared", that is, the natural sugars, which each plant  creates once, have almost all been removed.
That makes this natural product also suitable for people with irritable intestines (IBS) and for diabetics (type 2).

Recommended daily allowance (RDA): 2-4 teaspoons spread throughout the day.

• Inu Xtra Fibers can be added to fruit juices, smoothies, milk shakes, yogurt, or muesli, making quick and long lasting a saturated feeling arises.
• Inu Xtra Fibers - in combination with dairy products that contain prebiotic bacteria - are particularly beneficial as support of digestion.
• Inu Xtra Fibers are also particularly suitable for in baking and ideal for soup.
• Inu Xtra Fibers are heat-resistant.
• Inu Xtra fibers contain very few natural sugars.

Nutritional value Inu Xtra Fibres (average) per 100 g:
• Energy = 403 kJ (96.5 kcal)
• Protein = 0 g. • carbohydrates = 0,5 g. per 95 g.
    • of which sugars = 0,5 g.
• Fat = 0 g.
   • of which saturated fatty acids = 0 g.
• Dietary fibers = 94.5 g.
• Sodium = 0,1 g.

Certification: free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or components derived from GMOs.
Produced without GMO technology.
Kosher and HALAL

This product is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Available in double, resealable pe-Pack of 150 g.

Article number. 3.00150

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Also available in low price Bulk packs of 500 g.